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The famous sand beaches of Varbla

VarblaVarbla municipality lays in the south-eastern part of Pärnumaa. This community by the gulf of Livonia has a 30 km long strand line. Her nature is varying: stony and grass seaside varies with cliffs and sand beaches. Beautiful meadows with seaside plants and trees typical of the terrain of Western Estonia can be found in the region.

Varbla municipality has always been an appreciated tourist resort. The scenery is dominated by pieces of land with juniper bushes and surrounded by stonewalls varying with forests, swamps or marsh land. Especially famous are the sand beaches of which the most beautiful is Matsis beach surrounded by old pine trees. The beach and pine forests are a part of Matsis holiday area where excellent camping sites can be found.

The old fishing port of Matis close to the holiday area is going to be developed into the most important guest harbour in the region because of the ideal location and beautiful nature. A holiday resort with her services lies nearby the port.

Twelve beautiful islands and cliffs in the south east form the reserve of Varbla. Here the strand area is ragged and rich in stones and with spits of land reaching far out to the sea wherefrom a magnificent view opens up.

Boat trips to the islands and cliffs are organised to the tourists. Several bird species nest in the area and also the migratory birds have there a stopover. The tourists can have accommodation in various categories and versatile programmes and leisure activities are organised. Most of the accommodation enterprises lay by the sea.

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