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Nature and near history

PaldiskiPaldiski, a region in the county of Harju, around 50 km from Tallinn, includes the Pakri peninsula and the islands of Väike-Pakri (Small Pakri) and Suur-Pakri (Big Pakri)

It can be mentioned of the history of Paldiski that the Estonian-Swedes built ports in and around the village of Ragövik. Later Paldiski was known as a place where you could see the ruins of a bastion built by Peter the Great and also the ruins of a training centre of the U-boat fleet of Soviet Union.

You could see the leaders of the great powers in the town e.g. in 1912 when William II of Germany and the Russian czar Nicholas II met there. During the period of the independence between the world wars in 1922-39 Paldiski was a free port with a status of a public port of the republic of Estonia

The sights of the region are the mighty steep on Pakri peninsula with the 54 meter high light house and also the Pakri islands which are an excellent area for nature tourism.

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A bit of mystery, excitement…, back to the nature

PakriExceptional nature that has felt the military aggression is finally open for civilisation. Just from Tallinn.There are two beautiful islands - Small-Pakri and Big-Pakri.The names do not match the measures. Small-Pakri is 12, 9 km2 and Big Pakri 11, 6 km2. There is a reason for that…
Go into the wilderness, there you can reproduce your energy and get inspired .

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