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Lat = 58°57,501' Long = 23°31,610'

Historic monuments in the bosom of the nature

PadisePadise municipality is the most western in the Harjumaa county. The area is 366,5 km² and it has 1970 inhabitants. On the banks of the ancient Litorina Sea in Padise one can find traces of human life from 4000 years ago. A fortress site from the middle of the Iron Age, according to the legend an old castle hill, testifies that Padise was a centre in the ancient Estonia in the crossing point of the waterways and roads.

In the 13th century the Cistercian monks came here and founded the Padise Abby. Still to-day it is a well kept memorial of ancient times and a very popular tourist attraction.

The fortress, the abbey, the churches of Harju-Madise and Harju-Risti, the mansions of Hatu and Vihterpalu together with the charming nature have made Padise a well known tourist- and holiday resort.

The hotel- and conference centre of the Vihterpalu mansion ( and Pedase hotel ( offer services to the tourists

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