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Lat = 58°33,74' Long = 23°05,62'

A gateway to Saaremaa

OrissaareOrissaare municipality lies on the eastern side of Saaremaa by the strait of Väike Väin (Little Strait). Thus it is right to say that Orissaare is the gateway to Saaremaa. The distance to the capital of the island, Kuressaare, is 54 km. The whole municipality is 163 km² and the number of inhabitants is 2142. The centre of the municipality is in Orissaare which has 1057 inhabitants. It has been classified as an environmentally valued area thanks to its city plan and unique architecture.

The oaks are very common to Orissaare commune. The oak symbolises also firmness and toughness. The biggest oak by the girth, Kägi-Jaani, grows in Kavandi village. The colours of Orissaare coat-of-arms symbolise land and sea, silver (white) and black relate to the Maasi hill fort that was blown up by the Danes in 1576. Today the hill fort is unearthed, conserved and covered with a roof. An important sight is saved from destruction and open to visitors.

Further information:

Phone: +372 45 45 698


Summer hostel Orissaare Öpilaskodu
Breakfast and dinner on request
Phone: +372 45 45398, +372 51 88 451

Püharisti inn on the beach in Orissaare
Phone: +372 45 45 149, +372 51 48 212

Accommodation in the countryside:

Laheküla, holiday cottages
Phone: +372 45 28 891, +372 52 08 380

Ansu Puhketalu, farmhouse tourism, Järveküla
Phone: +372 45 29 018

Silla, farmhouse tourism, Tagavere
Phone: +372 45 94 730

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