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Lat = 58°65,20' Long = 23°30,30'

Unspoild nature, unique history – Noarootsi municipality

NoarootsiNoarootsi was inhabited in the later half of the 13th century. In 1581 Noarootsi fell into the Swedish rule. On the one hand the Swedish era meant a more lively cultural commitment: the first known elementary school was established (1650). On the other hand several mansions were founded in the 17th century on the Noarootsi peninsula limiting the old rights of those who lived on the coast.

In the middle of the 19th century a new spiritually active period began in Noarootsi and during the Republic of Estonia boat building and shipping were developed and the connections of the inhabitants of Noarootsi had more active connections to the Swedish speaking people in Finland and in Sweden.

A new era in the history of Noarootsi began in the end of the 1980´s. The border zones were abolished, the inhabitants of the coastal areas could return home to their villages. The first town festival of Noarootsi was held in 1988, teaching the Swedish language begun again in 1989. Nowadays Noarootsi municipality has 879 in habitants, some industrial enterprises, AS Dirhami Sadam offering port services.

The unspoiled nature due to the former border zone and the low population density and the special kind of history contribute to the promotion of tourism and relaxation.

Roosta holiday village, Tuksi inn and the tourist farms of Bergsby and Aare Loog offer accommodation.

The environment

Noarootsi lies by the sea; strand line is about 100 km long. The municipality consists of the island of Osmussaare (481 ha) and several small islands close to the coast.

The area of the municipality is low-land, at the coast there are fast sand dunes, pine forests and even swamps in between and behind sand dunes. Before the 1800´s Noarootsi was a peninsula, actually a collection of small islands. In 1715 e.g. the Russian czar Peter I sailed to Haapsalu between Noarootsi and the mainland.

Four national nature reserves: Neve and Osmussaare landscape reserves as well as Silma and Leidissoo nature reserves are situated within on the municipality’s territory.


Lat = 59°12,68' Long = 23°30,07'

DirhamiDirhami is a fishing- and commercial port. Passport control and customs. Fishing port, pontoon for visiting boats.

Chart: EC 302, 509, 614, "Charts of Estonia" Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 AC 2241

Sheltered in all winds. During heavy N-NW winds the surge reaches up to the harbour
Max. Length: 110.0 m
Max. Depth: 4.2 m

Number of places: 20 berths for visiting boats.

Mooring: at the finger pontoon or among the fishing boats and merchant ships at the high pier

Navigation: to enter the harbour along the mainline 170.3° - 350.3° (2 Big G 2s; white trapezes with black stripes on the metal frames). Landing WP on the main line. The minimum width of the inwards passage is 60 m.

There are dangerous rocks on both sides of the passage. When the beacon QR (red metal column with a balcony) at the tip of the breakwater is in the right angle to the keel, turn to starboard and navigate to the harbour

Radiophone: VHF Ch. 10 & 16 "Port Dirhami"
Contact: + 372 479 7221, + 372 5623 4523
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Home page:

Contact information:

Port Dirham, Dirhami, 91202, Noarootsi, Estonia
Radiotelefon: VHF Ch. 10 & 16 "Port Dirhami"
Tfn: +372 479 7221, +372 5623 4523
Mobile: +372 56 233 232
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Roosta semesterby

Lat = 59°12,68' Long = 23°30,07'

All the year round

RoostaRoosta holiday village is situated in the area inherited from the Estonian Swedes, on the beach in the north-western part of Estonia in Noarootsi village close to the fine pine forests and wonderful sand beaches just a 1, 5 hours drive from the city of Tallinn.

Modern conference rooms, comfortable holiday cottages, delicious food and refreshing sauna bathing experiences are waiting for you.

Roosta holiday village occupies an area of 12 hectare with 32 holiday cottages of various sizes where you have everything for pleasant holidays. Two cottages are for equipped for the disabled.

All cottages have electric heating and can be used all year round. The cottages have

bedrooms with two beds and in the half-floor under the roof there are two extra places which are especially loved by the children. In the living room a couch, a telephone, a satellite TV, mini kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, coffee-machine, all necessary dishes. a toilet and a shower as well as a balcony in every cottage.

Please contact:

Roosta puhkeküla / holiday village
Elbiku küla, Noaootsi vald
Läänemaa 91202
Tel. + 372-47-97230
GSM + 372-5256699
Fax. + 372-47-97245

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