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Grand Holm Marina Yachtclub

Lat = 58°57,501' Long = 23°31,610'

By the seaway to the charming Haapsalu

Grand Holm Marina YachtclubGrand Hotel Marina Yachtclub offers a wide range of services including berths, car rental and accommodation service.

A bar and tavern with a terrace and a enjoyable view of Haapsalu's Tagalahe Bay and the incoming yachts.

For travellers arriving by sea there are laundrette, showers and relaxation facilities. Finnish and Turkish saunas with mini pools.

Contact information:

Grand Holm Marina Yacht club
Westmeri 3, Haapsalu, Estonia
Phone: +372 565 2887
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VHF channel 12 call "Grand Holm"

Lat = 58°57,50' Long = 23°31,61'

A town from the middle ages

Haapsalu 1It is easy to fall in love with Haapsalu with her narrow winding streets ending at the sea, her old town with houses decorated with woodcarvings. Haapsalu is a place which had most sunny hours in a year. The seawater in Haapsalu is warmest in Estonia as if it were warmed by a romantic burning heart. Opposite to other medieval towns Haapsalu can confirm her birthday by a charter of foundation given by the bishop of the county, Herman I in 1279. The dome and the ruins of the first original castle still exist to remind us of those days in spite of continual plundering raids and fires. The biggest single-nave church in the northern Europe can be found in the inner courtyard of the castle. It is possible to enjoy the scent of the past times in the Episcopal castle. The sounds of the castle escort us to the medieval life in the castle. They allow us to listen to their music and remind us of the romantic legend of "the White lady"

Haapsalu 2Spatown Haapsalu

For centuries the warm seawater, the healing mud, the fresh sea winds have aroused interest in Haapsalu. Haapsalu has been a beloved spa resort since the times it was visited by the Russian czars. The first mud spa was opened in 1825 and it became quickly extremely popular among the Russian nobility and even czars' families got to know of her curing effects. Nowadays it is possible to relax in various spas and also to have other therapies in addition to the mud treatments.

Haapsalu 3Culture town Haapsalu

In summer the town offers several different kinds of activities. For instance it is possible to have a look at the castle or the railway museum, to visit the galleries of Liivia Leškins and Siggis, it is possible to learn to knit the Haapsalu shawls, to test the looms and to try several other working methods from the Middle Ages. The famous Haapsalu shawl shall always meet following requirements: the shawl must be so thin that it will pass through a wedding ring.

There are six museums in Haapsalu: Läänemaa County Museum (a home museum with an interesting permanent exhibition), Aibolands museum, a museum of the Estonian Swedes who have been living around Haapsalu since the 13th century, and the museum of the Bishop's castle with her spectacular staircase up to the bishop's tower. Czar Nicolas II decided that a railway shall be built between Haapsalu and Tallinn in 1905. A year after Haapsalu got the longest roofed railway platform in Europe (216 m) and a railway station which is now hosting a railway museum.

Haapsalu 4Things to see, events

Haapsalu motifs can be heard in Tchaikovsky's seventh symphony. The "singing" bench of Tchaikovsky can be found on the spot where he loved to enjoy the sunset. Every first week in July old music is played in the dome. The citizens of Haapsalu together with the guests dress themselves in medieval dresses and live in the rhythm of the middle ages, called "Solemnitas Hapsaliensis". In the end of July it is possible to enjoy a music festival for strings.

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