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The Archipelago Sea with thousands of islands and islets is unique in the world. The nature is fascinating and diverse with the cliffs polished by the waves, the steep hills, the lush groves, the pine trees tormented by the winds and the versatile nature. Throughout the year it is possible to experience a nature that in many ways differs from the nature of the mainland. In spring the swarms of migratory birds fly around in the area, in summer the meadows have a beautiful dress of flowers and in autumn perhaps fishing is the best attraction. In autumn the gorgeous colours in the archipelago cannot be excelled. The first snow and the fragile works of art out of ice between the rocks offer an unforgettable experience. The peace of winter lingers on.

Through the verdant straits, over the vast open seas to the barren rocky cliffs of the outer archipelago. There is peace in the unspoiled nature, the sea, the waves and the fresh winds. None is untouched by the splendour and the fantastic nature offered by the archipelago, the frontier zone between sea and land.

The Archipelago Sea is vast and varying. The island world is the largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. In fact there are far more islands than people! A 100 km long chain of islands, islets, cliffs and rocks extend out to the sea Southwest of Turku. The mighty lighthouses Bengtskär, Enskär and Utö are the reminders of the presence of man and guide the voyager back to the city lights.

It is easy to travel in the archipelago. Handsome bridges, roomy ferries and cosy service vessels link the islands together. You can travel by car, bus, motorcycle or by bike. You can move around in the Archipelago Sea with your own boat or you can use the state owned services vessels. There are several taxi boat firms for you to use. It is practical to use the existing ready made services and facilities when getting to know the enchanting nature of the Archipelago Sea.

The colourful history and culture of the region offer interesting excursions and events in the midst of the wonders of the nature. Here you can find the real joy of life! Tourism is an important livelihood for the islanders. Holiday villages, restaurants, hotels and other enterprises exist for you to enjoy (

The fishermen and farmers together guarantee fresh and clean delicacies for the traveller’s table. You can admire what the skilful hands of the islanders can model out of clay in the pottery workshops or take home some of their handicrafts as a souvenir.

Unwritten laws in the archipelago

The environment in the archipelago is vulnerable. There are rules and regulations to follow when moving about in the nature and of course these apply also to the visitors in the archipelago. The regulations which pay special attention to the vulnerability and traditions of the Archipelago Sea have been outlined during the centuries. These rules are not written down. They have no legal force but are important to the maintaining of a versatile and living archipelago – an archipelago for us all to feel good in.

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