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Laituri ja purjelaivaThe archipelago of Turku comprises some 20,000 islands and rocky islets. The islands are connected by bridges and ferries, making it easy to get around even without a boat. For yachters, the shores of the archipelago offer plenty of larger and smaller harbours for stopping.

In the area of the archipelago of Turku and Western Uusimaa, there are 24 visitors' marinas (a minimum of 10 berths for visitors, water and electricity supply, laundry services and toilets, shops selling groceries and fuel). Many of these have been awarded the Blue Flag symbol. In addition to the visitors' marinas, there are more than a hundred smaller harbours suitable for visitors (marinas with services, quays for visitors or natural harbours). For more detailed information, please refer to the Käyntisatamat guide published annually. This guidebook, which covers all harbours suitable for visitors on the Finnish coast and Åland Islands from Virojoki River to Tornio, is published by Päijätmark ky.

In addition to marinas and harbours, there are hotels, agritourims farms, restaurants, shops and other services in the archipelago, such as holiday villages, a winery, boat hire, seaside resorts, yacht docks, and companies specialising in guide and tourism services.

Many families live in the archipelago of Turku around the year, and this is why tourists are also welcomed in all seasons. For example, floating in a diving suit in a chilling sea in the dark night is an unforgettable experience. Bonus trips tailored for business customers have thus become an important activity extending the season for tourism enterprises.

Guest harbours

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Airisto, Parainen N60°15,04' E022°06,25'
Bruddalsviken, Iniö N60°24,35' E021°22,95'
Hakkenpää, Taivassalo N60°29,82' E021°37,22'
Hanko, Hanko N59°49,13' E022°58,03'
Iniö, Norrby, N60°24,35' E021°22,95'
Kasnäs, Dragsfjärd N59°55,22' E022°24,70'
Keistiö, Iniö, N60°22,61' E021°21,58'
Korpoström, Korppoo N60°06,57' E021°36,10'
Mathildedal, Perniö N60°13,28' E022°53,88'
Merimasku, Merimasku N60°29,06' E021°52,30'
Naantali, Naantali N60°28,20' E022°00,70'
Nauvo, Nauvo N60°11,82' E021°54,94'
Näsby, Houtskär N60°13,51' E021°22,04'
Pakkahuone, Uusikaupunki N60°47,61' E021°23,65'
Parainen, Parainen N60°17,66' E022°18,13'
Parattula, Kustavi N60°29,74' E021°25,88'
Rosala, Dragsfjärd N59°51,75' E022°25,20'
Ruissalo, Turku N60°25,30' E022°09,28'
Ruissalo, Turku N60°24,90' E022°05,98'
Taalintehdas, Dragsfjärd N60°01,06' E022°30,70'
Tammisaari, Pohjoissatama, N59°58,7'E 23°25,7'
Teersalo, Velkua N60°28,01' E021°41,55'
Turku, Turku N60°26,03' E022°12,80'
Verkan, Korppoo N60°10,51' E021°33,16'
Vuosnainen, Kustavi N60°30,33' E021°14,90'

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